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 Animation that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community during the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic. Includes collage as well as rotoscope work of vintage footage from gay bars in the 1970's and 1980's. Through abstraction I took inspiration from the history of Queer joy, and embraced the spaces in which that joy was founded. 


2D Digital Animation, Adobe Photoshop (Collage, Rotoscope, Drawing), 2021.


Abstract animation inspired by Pink Floyd's song Brain Damage. Experimenting with textures and vibrant colors to mimic the rhythm and essence of sound.

2D Digital Animation, Adobe Photoshop (Drawing), 2020.


Rotoscope animation of Lionel Richie in his music video for Dancing on the Ceiling.

2D Digital Animation, Adobe Photoshop (Collage, Rotoscope, Drawing), 2021.


Charcoal animation inspired by a painting done by my late grandfather. I have found that with loss, we can still share a connection with our loved ones through art and the passions we shared. 

Charcoal on Bristol Board Animation, 2019.


Animation reflecting the peace one can find in nature.

Song: Amsterdam by Gregory Alan Isakov 

2D Digital Animation, Procreate (Drawing), 2020.


Linkedin: Katherine Taylor

Instagram: @artstoragee

© 2021 by Katherine Taylor.

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