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Blink is a collaboration with classmates for the Cincinnati light parade, Blink. Inspired by the word “twinkle” we decided to create identical sculptures that would represent an abstract view of space and black holes. Standing side by side the sculptures line up to form one continuous line, and this is how we walked during the parade. With the use of reflective and iridescent materials, we were able to manipulate the movement and display of light that not only came from our own lights, but also the lights surrounding us in the parade. The layer of black cloth created cohesiveness between the four of us, and created the effect of containing our image of space within the dimension of the sculptures.

Blink, 2019

 Chicken Wire, Reflective Paper, Twinkle Lights, Black Sheer Fabric, 


Linkedin: Katherine Taylor

Instagram: @artstoragee

© 2021 by Katherine Taylor.

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