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the peace of wild things
2023, Stop Motion Animation, After Effects

The Peace of Wild Things Planning
Peace of Wild Things Character Design

Planning sketches, character design, and costume design were completed in Procreate after the research phase of The Peace of Wild Things project.

The stop-motion character for this project was then constructed with balsa wood, armature wire, and modeling clay.

Costume Design came to life through hand sewing of repurposed fabrics and handmade patterns specific to the dimensions of the stop motion figure.

Character Progress
Character Progress
Image-place-holder (1).png
Image-place-holder (1).png
Stop Motion World

Three individual sets were built for this project with the use of paper cutting, sculpting, and sewing. It was important to include a interdisciplinary approach to this work with the intention of each medium and material complimenting one another - highlighting the hand crafted approach to stop motion animation.

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