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Little Bluebird 
2024, Procreate, After Effects
Song: Simulation Swarm by Big Thief

Birds display a remarkable protective drive. In moments of danger, parents will go to great lengths to pull the attention of predators away from their offspring – and onto themselves. This act of vulnerability and selflessness reflects an experience of human connection I have come to understand: familial bonds strengthening in the face of trauma. In the illustrated animation Little Bluebird, we watch as a family of bluebirds face the flames of life and rise through the smoke with wings spread wide. This animation aims to bring themes of addiction and abandonment onto a consumable level. With a style reminiscent of children's books and adolescent creative play, the perspective of our younger selves is called upon as a means of healing. When the integrity of our shelter is compromised, we are tasked to reinforce and rebuild. Each viewer is asked to consider: who built your nest, and who watches over it?

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