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Katherine Taylor has dedicated themself to exploration through art and has a passion for connectivity and community. Currently, they work as Head of Marketing at S.B. Tree Service and Motion Designer at TITLE Mag. With experience designing for local businesses, Katherine has worked with a diverse set of populations to share unique stories with captivating illustrations and motion design. In their final semester at University of Cincinnati DAAP, Katherine is crafting an animated capstone project titled Little Bluebird. Interested in collaborating? Reach out below!

Through animation, storytelling, and the exploration of materials, Katherine Taylor's artistic practice investigates themes of identity, interpersonal relationships, and environmentalism. They use illustration, textiles, and stop-motion animation to craft works inspired by adolescent curiosity – pushing forward ideas of care and forward thinking. Their body of work is a reflection of research and the lived experiences that have guided them to passionately create accessible and impactful narratives.


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