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various projects at Small minded animation studio

While working for Small Minded Animation, I designed and constructed a series of outfits for 80's punk inspired characters. Small Minded Animation is a stop-motion animation studio based in Cincinnati, OH. My role as an intern consisted of sculpting, mold making, armature building, costume design and creation, stop motion animation, video editing, and working as a production assistant on a live action film.

Image-place-holder (1).png

I worked closely on each step of the process in creating stop motion characters at Small Minded Animation. While preparing for the live action film, I worked on projects from design to fabrication - creating stop motion characters that would be featured in the live action film.

The owl features the many aspects of fabrication, and allowed for exploration of material in each step. This owl holds an uncanny nature as it holds both realistic and unsettling elements. 

In my time at Small Minded Animation, I also explored hair fabrication closely, and the sculptural forms for several different characters. 

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